Curtis Aviation is one of Sydney’s leading Flying Schools, located at Camden Airport and provides Joy Flights, Flying Training, Aircraft Hire and Charter.

At Curtis Aviation we can make your flying dream become a reality.

Whether you’re looking to take a short Joy Flight for the thrill of a lifetime or you’re looking to start your Flying Training for a Private or Commercial License, Curtis Aviation is the number one place to do it.

Call us today on 02 4655 6789 or contact us online and we can get you started. You could even be flying in an aeroplane today!

We have a fleet of modern aircraft held to the highest maintenance standards. This means both safety and reliability.

Our flight instructors are one of the most experienced teams in the industry and are  ready to serve your aviation needs today. We have multiple ATOs (Authorized Testing Officers) and Grade One Instructors as members of our staff.

We offer flight training for Private and Commercial Pilot Licences (PPL & CPL), Night Visual Flight Rules (NVFR), Private Instrument Flight Rules (PIFR), Command Instrument Rating (CIR) and Flight Instructor Rating (FIR).

We also offer Tailwheel, Multi-Engine, Aerobatic and Formation endorsements, Glass Cockpit Flying Training, Bush Strip Training, Biennial Flight Reviews and Emergency Maneuver Training.

IMG_9680SVW_7244SVW_7265SVW_7280Warrior Juliet Alpha Zulu Flying Harbour Scenic OneIMG_9690SVW_7102Cessna 182 BXO at The Lily, Stirling Ranges, WA