Grampians ALA

Flying in and out of difficult bush strips is not only challenging, it is rewarding. Outlying stations and farms are sometimes the real gems to be found for the private or commercial pilot.

Wind, Size, Slope, Shape and Surface may be familiar from your early pilot training, however, putting it into practice and forming command decisions requires training from an expert in bush strip operations.

Curtis Aviation instructors are experts in bush strip operations.

Bush strips have no centrelines, often no windsocks and only trees that seem to become closer and closer to the wingtips as you land. Your early instructor probably told you to ‘keep on the centreline’ and ‘stop that drift’ – well, this is why.

Curtis Aviation has specific approvals for particular airstrips in the vicinity of Camden that will challenge you and reward you.

It is recommended you hold a PPL or CPL with a minimum 100 hours experience and a tailwheel endorsement.

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