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Beechcraft Baron Be55 – Charter


Curtis Aviation’s Beechcraft Baron Be55 is modern and well maintained. It is a six seat twin engine aircraft capable of flying in visual and instrument flying weather.

The Beechcraft Baron’s twin piston engines deliver the power, speed safety and reliability to whisk you and your passengers or cargo cross country at over 180 knots (333 km/h)

Cessna 182 – Charter

DSC01412DSC01667Cessna 182 BXO at The Lily, Stirling Ranges, WAIMG_9614IMG_9616182 Knots160 KnotsDSC01671DSC01666DSC01668DSC01669DSC01670DSC01673DSC01674DSC01676Parking the 182's at BallinaDSC00302IMG_0069IMG_0086IMG_0327IMG_0328SAM_0291SAM_0293

Curtis Aviation’s fleet of comfortable modern four seat Cessna 182′s are suitable for medium range missions in both visual and instrument flying weather and are capable of carrying you and your passengers or cargo at over 135 knots (250 km/h).

King Air C90GTi – Charter

King Air C90BKing Air C90B in FlightKing Air C90B Night OpertionsKing Air C90BKing Air C90B at SunsetKing Air C90B Luxury InteriorKing Air C90B Luxury InteriorKing Air C90B Advanced Glass Cockit Avionics

The King Air is the perfect high capability charter aircraft. It performs in virtually every country in the world. They serve as airborne ambulance for the Royal Flying Doctor Service, transport government, military and business personnel for all sorts of work.

The destination can be a remote grass strip or a major city airport. When the weather closes in and its time to return home you will be glad you chose the turbo prop C90GTi King Air over a piston powered airplane.

The jet engine reliability of the King Air, together with state of the art technology delivers airline safety. The C90GTi has a big quiet vibration free cabin.

The C90GTi seats up to 7 passengers and flies up to 30,000 feet above most weather and with a 270 knot cruise speed it can travel up to 1300nm.

King Air C90B

Charter Flights

Aircraft charter flights might not be the first that comes to mind when you think of air travel, whether it’s for business or leisure, chartering an aircraft from Curtis Aviation offers a number of benefits, avoiding lengthy check in delays, not having the fuss of major airports, arriving and departing on your own time just to name a few.

Curtis Aviation has a number of options in the way of aircraft to suit most travel requirements, chartering one of our aircraft is easier than you might think. Contact us today to find out more.