Command Instrument Rating - IR-C

The Command Instrument Rating (IR-C) is often the most challenging and rewarding flight rating that a pilot can seek to obtain. The Rating can be undertaken on either Multi-Engine or Single-Engine aircraft. The rating authorises the holder to act as Pilot In Command (PIC) of flights under IFR by day and by night in single pilot operations, and will cover departures, arrivals and instrument approach procedures, as well en-route.

You will cover en-route operations on the NDB, VOR and GPS as well as Instrument Approaches using NDB, VOR, LLZ, ILS as well as DGAs and RNAV-GNSS approaches. Part of your pilot training is conducted in the simulator and most in the aircraft.

You will need to hold a PPL or greater to undertake a IR-C and by the time you are ready for the flight test you will have at least:

  • 50 hours cross-country flight time as pilot in command,
  • 40 hours instrument time, not less than 20 of which are cross country
  • 10 hours dual instrument flight time
  • 10 hours night flight time of which at least 5 are as pilot in command.

We are able to assist you with the challenging theory for the Command Instrument Rating, and we recommend either the Bob Tait or Aviation Theory Centre Command Instrument Rating textbooks.

Aircraft available for IR-C rating include:

  • Cessna 182
  • Cessna 180
  • Twin Comanche

or your own IFR aircraft!

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