Citabria MWY Landing on Runway 10

The first step in gaining your Private Pilots License (PPL) is to work towards your first solo flight.

This module of training teaches you the basics of flying. You will be confident in flying straight and level, climbing, descending and turning, not to mention the all important take-off and landing.

Once your instructor deems you ready, he will step out of the aircraft (on the ground of course) and watch you do your first take off and landing as a solo pilot.

This module comprises the following:

The Medical – Before a Student Pilot Licence may be issued, you must be certified medically fit to fly by a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME). We can provide you with contact details of your local Medical Examiner.

Flight Training Manual – This important book outlines the fundamentals of flying an aeroplane and operating its systems. It also introduces the principles of navigation.

Briefings – Your flying instructor will provide personal tuition before and after each flight to introduce and reinforce concepts and answer any questions you may have.
Flying Training – This is the FUN part. Many students are able to fly solo after approximately 15 hours of pilot training and instruction.

Logbook – Every flight must be recorded in your personal logbook.

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