Curtis Aviation Classroom Courses

Curtis Aviation has a proud record of training the highest quality instructors in their Flight Instructor Rating Course.

Learning to instruct in a tailwheel aircraft from the back (tandem seating) will sharpen your skills as a pilot substantially. You will then be prepared to instruct in tailwheel, nosewheel, side-by-side and tandem seating aircraft.

Your Flight Instructor Rating Course will cover most of the fleet, including the Citabrias, Cherokees, S2B Pitts Special and Piper Sport.

The Flight Instructor Rating Course is structured into:

  1. Principles of Learning
  2. Aerodynamic Lectures
  3. Mass Briefings
  4. Tutorials
  5. Pre-flight Briefings
  6. Post-flight Briefings
  7. Flight Instruction
  8. Rating Test

To qualify for this rating you must hold a Commercial Pilot Licence as well as a Night VFR rating. If you have not yet started any pilot training, then the Commercial Pilot Day/Night 150-hour Integrated course is recommended. If you are a private pilot seeking to become a flight instructor, you will first need to obtain your Commercial Licence under the 200-hour pilot training course.

Curtis Aviation is also able to offer Grade Two, Grade One, Instrument and Multi-Engine Instructor Approvals.

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