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Camden Airport, Sydney Australia

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Camden Airport is located in Sydney Australia in a rural setting 5 kilometres from Camden township, approximately 60 kilometres South West of the Sydney CBD. Camden Airport can be accessed from the CBD via the M-5 Motorway in less than 60 minutes. The airport is surrounded by rural farm land and residential estates and is entered via Macquarie Grove Road.


Aviation Facilities at Camden Aerodrome

The airport has four runways,. The primary sealed runway (06/24) is 1464mx30m and is rated at 5.7 tonnes MTOW. Further details can be obtained in the Enroute Supplement published by Airservices Australia.

Taxiways & Aprons
The supporting taxiway and apron network is capable of accommodating aircraft to 5.7 tonnes MTOW. Camden Airport being is quiet with minimal taxying time, meaning more time in the air and obtaining your pilot licence quicker and with less money spent of taxying around the airport.

Runway 06/24 has three stage low intensity runway edge lights (PAL)

Air Traffic Control
Camden Airport has it own dedicated Air Traffic Control Tower, operated by Airservices Australia, and uses Class D airspace procedures. The operating hours for the tower are published in the Enroute Supplement.

A Non Directional Beacon is located at the airport with the frequency detailed in the Enroute Supplement.

There are currently three main aircraft refuelling companies operating at the airport BP, Mobil and Shell. Contact details can be obtained using the search facility on the website.

Passenger Facilities
Curtis Aviation has facilities for your passengers to wait

While there are areas dedicated for parking the airport currently does not charge for vehicle parking. All vehicles parked on airport property do so at the owners risk.

Ground Transportation
Arriving passengers can arrange for taxi pick up at the airport from Camden Taxis (02) 46 252922.

Camden Airport can be accessed via the M-5 Motorway from Sydney's CBD. From Sydney to the Narellan/Camden exit will take approximately 45 minutes. Turn right towards Narellan and travel along Narellan Road and left at Camden Valley Way. Turn right into Kirkham Lane at Elderslie, left into Macquarie Grove Road and right into Aerodrome Road at the Airport entrance.


Camden Township

Camden township is one of the earliest settled pastoral areas in Australia.

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Getting Around

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, with a population of almost 4 million, and covering almost 1120 square kilometres (700 square miles), is a remarkably easy city to move around in. An excellent train, bus and ferry service covers all points of the greater metropolitan area. Roadways, although congested in peak hour times, are generally well planned and driving is not too harrowing an experience.
Unless visitors to Sydney are specifically seeking out friends in outlying areas, most will have no real need to travel too far away from the central city area and the harbour. Most Sydney tourist attractions are either within the central business district, close to the CBD, or at points around the harbour. The exceptions are Bondi and Manly - surf beach suburbs situated south and north of Sydney Heads.

If you've only got a week or a few days in Sydney, your time would be best spent by taking a walk around the wider CBD area, visiting The Rocks or spending time on the harbour. The harbour is Sydney and on a warm day, with a clear blue sky, there is no better place on earth.



Best ways to get around


Taking a City Circle train, the Monorail or walking is the best way of seeing city attractions, while buses and ferries represent the best way to visit points and attractions around the harbour. The government-run Explorer Buses and Sydney Pass service represent an ideal and inexpensive way to see most of the main tourist points around the city and out to Bondi. Sydney Ferries, which are also government run, provide an inexpensive way of seeing the most beautiful harbour in the world. (See map of ferry cruises around Sydney Harbour.) For excursions around the harbour, private operators offer a myriad of harbour cruises that promise more than a just a simple ferry ride. If you're wanting to take a bus around the broader Sydney area, try Sydney Buses and Sydney Ferries' excellent Tripfinder, an automated search facility that gives route and timetable details.

Essential information for visitors to Sydney

MCA site has an excellent panorama view of the Sydney city landscape


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  • Courses

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