Many pilots either professionally or privately move on to pilot training on multi-engine aircraft. Many twin engine aircraft are designed to fly higher, farther and, most importantly, faster.

At Curtis Avaiation we currently use the Beechcraft Baron BE55 for our initial multi-engine pilot endorsements. It is a more substantial aircraft than many entry-level twin engine training aircraft and you will notice this as soon as you fly this sleek looking aircraft.

Both Curtis Aviation’s and CASA’s syllabus recommends 7 hours of training for an initial multi-engine endorsement. The endorsement will include:

  • stalls
  • steep turns
  • circuits
  • circuit emergencies including assymetric (one engine failed) flight.


If you are undertaking a Commercial Pilot’s Licence we would recommend you consider incorporating mutli-engine flight training into your program.

Curtis Aviation will also train you on your new twin should you purchase one, such as the new owner of a Cessna 340 did recently.

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