• Action Aerobatic Joyflight

    29 September, 2008

    Simon Christmas Gift 2007 in a Pitts Special Aerobatic Joyflight
  • Pitts Aerobatic Joyflight

    29 September, 2008

    Rob goes for the flight of a lifetime in an aerobatic Pitts Special.
  • Pitts Aerobatic Joyflight 2

    29 September, 2008

    Andrew buys an aerobatic joyflight for his father to experience the best rollercoaster ride.
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  • Tiger Moth 90-minute Joyflights

    Start your journey from Camden Airport and fly in and around the Sydney region taking in the familiar sites, or perhaps choose to fly to the Blue Mountains and see the famous 3-sisters from a fresh vantage point. Create your own custom route, up to 90 minutes, with the famous Vintage Bi-plane, the de Havilland Tiger Moth! Throughout the flight you will get the opportunity to have a fly of the aircraft by yourself. Book a Joyflight now!

  • Courses

    All Curtis Aviation Courses are approved by Australia's peak regulatory aviation body - the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Your instructors are also all CASA approved... Read more about Courses at Curtis Aviation.